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Mission Statement
To preserve and display the collection of artefacts covering 1000 years of history of St Bridget's church and to promote knowledge and understanding of the museum, the church and local history.

Photography Policy

When in West Kirby Museum, visitors are permitted to take non-commercial photographs (i.e. snap shots) for personal enjoyment only. Photography using a tripod and flash is not permitted.

Restrictions may apply where items are on loan and restrictions are a requirement of the loan agreement. This will be indicated when relevant.

Protection of Copyright

We do not allow commercial or professional still photography in the Museum without written agreement in advance and payment of fees.

You must assign copyright in all photographs taken in the Museum or of Museum objects to West Kirby Museum. The photographs must not be displayed in any public place, published, sold or used for advertisement, promotion or any other commercial purpose without the written agreement in advance and payment of fees.

The Museum cannot allow photography of works still in copyright without the permission of the copyright holder.

By taking photographs in the Museum you agree to these conditions.

October 2014